Announcing the Micro:bit Mother's Day Challenge!

Announcing the Micro:bit Mother's Day Challenge!

How could the micro:bit help Mothers and Carers around the world have a better, easier day?

Let’s face it, Mothers and Carers all over the world are great. For 365 days a year they make sure their families are ok and have all the things they need. They are busy, ingenious people. To show appreciation for this, Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughout the world. On that day, people express their love for their Mothers and Carers and thank them for all the things they do. The people at the Micro:bit Foundation love the people who look after them and were thinking: how could the micro:bit make a Mother’s or Carer’s day better? As soon as we asked the question we knew who could answer it – all the amazing micro:bit inventors out there.

So, the new Micro:bit Challenge is a “Micro:bit for Mothers and Carers Challenge”. We have three challenges for you to choose from and we will be offering prizes for the best inventions. So, the Micro:bit Foundation Mother’s and Carers Challenges are:

  • Challenge 1: How could you use the micro:bit to tell your Mother or Carer how much you love them and appreciate all the things they do?
  • Challenge 2: How could the micro:bit make your own Mother’s or Carer’s day easier? Think about all the jobs they have to do during a day, could a micro:bit invention help them do those?
  • Challenge 3: In some places in the world, for example where water or food or electricity is difficult to get, looking after your family is not an easy job. How could the micro:bit help Mothers and Carers in those places do the things they need to do? Think about people who get their water from water pumps, where electricity or the Internet is not always available so they cook on fires or rely on solar power or use mobile phones to access the Internet. How could a micro:bit invention help them?

Who can enter?

Anybody 18 or under who has a useful invention for a busy Mother or Carer. Though, of course, adults like teachers, parents, grandparents, club and dojo leaders can help.

Kuinka voin osallistua?

Please send your entries with any attachments to with "Challenge" in the subject line.

Mitä pitää olla mukana?

Entries must arrive to us by March 27th, 2017. The winners will be announced by April 10th, 2017.

  • Kuvaile sinun ideasi dokumentissä, skannaa, videoi tai valokuvaa
  • Ota valokuvia tai videokuvaa valmiista ratkaisusta
  • Include instructions on how anybody could make your creation, including the script plus the hex file

Ja kaikki voittajat...

Prizes will include micro:bit goodies plus a kit from 4tronix. The winning entries will be published on and help build resources and activities for teachers and micro:bit inventors around the globe.

Onnea tehtävään!

PS We would love a hint - so as you make progress on your project also Tweet about your entry with a description and image plus the tag #microbitchallenge and @microbit_edu in the tweet.

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