Serbia - Robotics clubs

Elementary School, Djura Jaksic form Kac

Making robots in Serbia with micro:bit

Elementary School, Djura Jaksic form Kac, Serbia – Young IT students with teacher of informatics.

In February 2017 for the purpose of creating robotics club arrived to our school donor package of 10 micro:bits by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and and Kitronik. For this, credit goes to the promoters of the micro:bit booth at the conference "New Technologies in Education" under the sponsorship of the British Council in Belgrade. For such a short period of only one month, our talented students were able to prepare for the two big events, one of which is international and that they achieve excellent results.

Student Djordje Ostojic has packed micro:bits in a suit that is made in the form of old floppy disk, and as such programmed to communicate in Morse alphabet with Stefan Gojkovic, they showed a display of LEDs hearts, of various shapes and text that is printed on the screen with LEDs.

micro:bit suit

All micro:bits were made to be used for education, and we plan to work with them to expand their IT skills, younger students show great interest in using the micro:bit.

The next project is to create robots and use micro:bit in the health sector to help the sick.

This is a big step for us, and our pupils should enter the interesting world of coding and programming with the desire to create useful robots as teaching tools.

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