13 Year-Old micro:bit Maker from Turkey

Musab is a 13 year-old Maker from Turkey. Below is his brilliant Motorbike Simulator Make tutorial, all powered by the micro:bit!

Hi, I’m Musab. I’m a 13 year-old programmer from Turkey. I started programming at the age of 10 and recently started with the BBC micro:bit. I loved it and created some projects with it, such as my Motorbike Simulator Make.

Today, I will share some of my experiences, ideas, plans and advice for children like me.

Let’s start with my adventure. I started coding 3 years ago, by wondering how games that I play work and how I can create one. Then I learned about programming languages, coding platforms etc. I taught myself and started coding. I think doing what you like is the key for coding(and everything!). I like programming and creating projects, so I never gave up. I worked with C# and Java, but I prefer Python and JavaScript to others.

Recently, I found micro:bit and loved it! I looked for projects and other cool stuff and discovered an amazing module “bitio” by David Whale. I immediatly started working with the module by Mr. Whale and created some projects. Then I attended Istanbul Mini Maker Faire 2017 with my projects. I showed some of my videos that I took in the faire to Mr. Whale and thanks to him, I’m writing this blog :)

I actually have a lot of ideas and plans for the future. I am currently taking some Machine Learning courses online, and planning to make a project(a bot that plays a traditional Turkish game). Other than that, I’m planning to create a user-friendly enviroment for a micro:bit game controller.

Advice? Always do what you love. Learn, discover and try to understand how things work. Question the things around you and try to understand it. Set some goals and try to achieve them, it is fine when you can’t, just keep trying. Look for good learning sources. Always try to make the best.

That’s all, for now. Happy coding!

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