micro:bit Lessons Aligned to Code.org's CS Fundamentals

This curriculum includes lesson plans aligned to Code.org's Computer Science Fundamentals curriculum for primary and elementary school students.

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Curriculum Alignment

These lessons extend the concepts taught in the Code.org curriculum and bring them into the physical computing world using micro:bit devices and simple drag-and-drop programming blocks in the MakeCode editor.

The lessons provide instructional material for four concept areas and align with the CS Fundamentals courses as follows:

  • Course E - loops and functions
  • Course F - conditionals and variables

Each lesson consists of a teacher's guide that includes learning objectives, a step-by-step agenda and student assessments, in addition to, supporting documentation and guided practice for each concept.


Our micro:bit course lessons are tailored to apply knowledge obtained from the Code.org CS Fundamentals. Before students begin these Course Lessons, we encourage students to first complete all CS Fundamentals as a prerequisite. Students should be familiar with variables from Code.org CS Fundamentals.


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