5 cool projects from Tech Will Save Us!

Check out these 5 great projects for micro:bit by Tech Will Save Us!

Build the Micro:Mods Kit

The first step in your epic modding journey! Set up the micro:mods kit and learn your first light animation.

The micro:mods kit

Change the colours

Use the micro:bit to change the colours on the micro:mods LED light strip in different animation patterns.

Using the micro:mods LED strip

Make light animations

Choose every color of the micro:mods kit and animate it spinning around!

Making light animations with the micro:mods kit

Change the lights with buttons

Use the buttons on the micro:bit to change the lights on your micro:mods kit LED strip.

Programming the micro:mods kit

Mod a bike

Use the LED strip on your micro:mods Kit to light up your ride!

Using the LED strip on the micro:mods kit
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