micro:bit in Wonderland Bonus Lessons

These lessons have been brought to you by Tech Age Kids. They introduce you to the concepts used in the book, micro:bit in Wonderland - a project book with 12 (additional) coding and craft projects inspired by the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

The lessons are suitable for beginners to coding and the BBC micro:bit and provide an excellent introduction to coding using the MakeCode block editor. Each project includes a craft activity to help develop useful making skills and creative thinking.

You'll need a micro:bit, USB cable and battery pack for each project.

You will also need the following materials to do the craft part of the lesson (templates are included with the lessons):

  • Project 1: 2 loom bands, black card, scissors/craft knife with cutting mat, double-sided tape/glue
  • Project 2: blank playing card, 2 loom bands, red card
  • Project 3: 2 loom bands, packaging card, 2 crocodile clip leads, kitchen foil, conductive key, electronic key (optional)

For more information visit alice.techagekids.com.


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