Croatia - Interactive workshops

SOS Children's Village, Lekenik

micro:bit in Croatia

About the interactive micro:bit workshops in SOS Children's Village, Lekenik, Croatia, run by The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity

In early February, the Association of SOS Children's Village Croatia received an offer by The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity called "Croatian makers". Following the initiative of the founder of this institute, Mr. Nenad Bakic, primary school students were given the unique opportunity to enter the world of programming.

Through two interactive workshops in SOS Children's Village Lekenik, the children worked with the BBC micro: bits and easily mastered the first steps in programming.

The two workshops held in SOS CV Lekenik were attended by 30 children who were delighted by programming. They all agreed that the workshop was a lot of fun but also interesting & informative.

"For me the most interesting thing was that I could immediately see the results of my programming!"

The children were taught by excellent instructors on the basics of programming by using the powerful tools - micro: bits – and all that through play! This experience let them into the brand new world in which they can achieve a lot.

Coding micro:bit with MakeCode

The programming smiley was a particularly interesting part of workshop for the children.

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