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Jacaranda Education

Workshops for students and teachers in secondary schools in Mexico

Using the BBC micro:bit in diverse Mexican communities

Jacaranda Education, founded in Oaxaca 11 years ago, works in more than 10 states with different communities teaching 21st Century Skills and Maker Education with a focus on development.

We have been using micro:bit as a introduction to physical computing in different groups of our programs around Mexico.

We are developing the content to create a 12 week workshop based on micro:bit.

We have used the micro:bit in the following projects:

  • 15 highschool students at a Saturday program in San Cristobal de las Casas.
  • 10 teachers at a Teacher’s Training in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
  • 10 Primary School students at a workshop in Tlayacapan, Morelos

A young student and teacher, showing a micro:bit Servo control using 2 micro:bits, at Maker Meet Up in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

micro:bit servo control

Development of a BBC micro:bit student book for kids

Using micro:bit both with students and teachers made clear the large need to have resources in Spanish that could help schools to use this great tool. As part of our resource development we started writing a book that introduces micro:bit using 5 characters, the concept is that the kids build different “monsters” that all share a common “soul”, the micro:bit. This creature then helps the kids with basic problems. We are still deciding if we will do a bilingual edition, to also teach our students basic English, vocabulary and structure.

micro:bit student book

With this book, that should be ready for publishing in a few months, we will:

  • Host the first official workshop with the monsters on the 29th of September, with 15 students
  • Host a Hackathon using micro:bit and these resources in December-January, with 100 girls from different high schools from the City.
The cover of the micro:bit book

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