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Saraswati Seva Foundation

Showcasing technology to young people in India

Saraswati Seva Foundation STEM-C Roadshow in Rural India

Saraswati Seva Foundation (SSF) works with underprivileged young people in India‘s smaller towns and villages to develop skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, maths and computing (STEM-C).

The STEM-C roadshow in July 2018 showcased technology to hundreds of young people to show how it could be relevant in their lives. Demonstrations included a hands on session with micro:bits kindly donated by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Being a rural area, everybody had experienced plants dying because somebody didn’t water them. This made the automatic plant watering experiment with micro:bit very relevant.

"Our team is regularly visiting the schools for the STEM-C Education Programme and experiencing the curiosity which the event has generated among the students"
– Vishal Singh Raghuvanshi, Program Officer

The event raised awareness and enthusiasm among students and teachers alike. Students are now experimenting with their own inventions in school and in their free time with weekly support sessions from the SSF team.

Quote of the day on school blackboard

Quote of the day on school blackboard

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