Using the micro:bit with the Raspberry Pi

There are loads of ways that you can use your micro:bit with the Raspberry Pi, whether you want to code the micro:bit directly, or use the micro:bit and the Raspberry Pi together to make an exciting project that combines them both.

Use a Raspberry Pi to program the micro:bit

There are a number of brilliant tools and resources to enable you to code the micro:bit from a Raspberry Pi:

Code with Mu

Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers that allows you to easily edit MicroPython code on the Raspberry Pi!

Get Mu

Interact using bitio

The bitio package for Python allows you to run code that will interact directly with the micro:bit, letting you use its sensors in your projects.

Get bitio

Tudjon meg többet

Discover how to install the Mu Editor on your Raspberry Pi, and push programs written in MicroPython to the micro:bit!


Using the micro:bit in Raspberry Pi projects

The Raspberry Pi can be used with micro:bit in a number of interesting ways, from monitoring the weather to controlling Minecraft! Check out the great project resources below!


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