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Learn how the micro:bit combats tech inequality in China

The education in China is quite different between the coastal areas and the rural areas. Even in a city like Shanghai only the kids from very well educated families will have the chance to access the maker culture or education.

With micro:bit - such an easy-to-use device - we would be able to help the students from vast rural areas also benefit from the scientific and technological progress.

That is also the reason why we are devoting our efforts to organising the DF maker community and micro: bit activities, to get more students and teachers in rural area to know and use micro: bit to empower their creation. Let them see how the technology is evolving nowadays and how they can contribute their knowledge and perspective into the future.

Discover DF Robot in China

One of the teachers is located in rural China and their English is not that good, but he was still able to build up a line following car with very simple tools.

This is their maker space, basically a room offered by the school where the students can conduct some technological activities.

The maker space in rural China

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