micro:bit at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Paris

micro:bit at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Paris

Friday 30 March 2018 - Strategy Lab 2. 09:30-12:30

Micro:bit Educational Foundation is a not for profit organisation founded by the BBC, ARM, IET and Nominet. We believe in “inspiring every child to create their best digital future”. We do this through the BBC micro:bit, a small microcomputer that enables a child to learn coding simply and quickly. Allowing children to be creative faster.

Invented by the BBC, the device was distributed to 11 year old children for free across the UK. Research shows the impact was superb with “87% of children said they found computing more interesting having used the BBC micro:bit”. The BBC micro:bit is available for purchase in 40 countries. Our giving program has delivered free micro:bit devices and campaigns into 50 different countries. The Foundation is a little over a year old.

This STRATEGY LABS hosted by UNESCO and ITU partner organizations will show you how to code a BBC micro:bit and outline a series of case studies from across the globe. Kavita Kapoor, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer, will provide insights from the BBC micro:bit national roll-out and grass roots campaign as well as provide genuine technical insights into its success of mobile technology.

In this strategy lab, we shall help you conceptualise your real-world projects that fulfil established digital skills frameworks, assess digital skills of young people and educators in your region, and discuss the changing needs for digital skills across diverse geographies and future proofing in a rapidly changing world.

(It is by no means compulsory but if you wish to try some hands-on coding then please bring an internet enabled laptop.)

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