Australia - micro:bits and training for teachers

New South Wales

micro:bit rollout in Australia

In the space of four months, Sam Nelson’s vision of STEM equity, accessibility and engagement for some of NSW most disadvantaged students has reached its first milestone.

All year seven and eight students in NSW rural distance education schools are about to own a BBC micro:bit, the cutting edge of international STEM education.

Last term teachers at Dubbo and Karabar DECs were trained and supplied with micro:bits for their students. The response was overwhelming and they are already producing resources.

The next milestone will be the completion of the rollout to all rural schools in NSW in 2018.

The success of workshops in the local primary schools has created some new challenges, requiring rapid funding and implementation. This is currently outside the project budget but there will be solutions.

The team that is making this happen:

  • Kimberley Hill - Submissions, planning, funding and administration. A truly dedicated educational reformist at head office in Bathurst.
  • Sam Nelson - Computer Programming, Technology. Project Leader.
  • Jason Ferns - Maths, Technology. Project Manager.
  • Stephen Clayton - Engineering, Technology. Networking.
  • Matthew Cartwright - Environmental Science, Technology. Data creation and analysis.

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