Winners of the micro:bit Christmas Challenge!

Announcing the winners of our Christmas Challenge

Announcing the micro:bit Christmas Challenge Winners!

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its Christmas Challenge. The Challenge we set the micro:bit inventors out there was to use a micro:bit to help Santa Claus deliver all his presents on Christmas Eve. You responded with a whole range of devices and Santa was extremely impressed with the inventions you sent us.

We have three winners and each of them was such a good idea, all of them built really amazing devices and each sent fabulous instructions we couldn't choose between them with our original categories. So the Foundation is going to award three prizes: one for the overall winner and two runner up prizes. So, with a jingle of sleigh bells, we announce the winners:

The overall prize goes to...

Seb, aged 7 from the United Kingdom, for his sleigh that lights up and plays music automatically when Santa picks up the reins. Seb wrote: "The lights look nice and could also be used to tell the reindeer when to go without Santa pulling the reins. They also turn off quickly and easily when he lets go so he doesn't wake up the boys and girls when he is delivering presents". Seb built his working device using Lego, metal foil and a toy horse.

Seb's Invention


First runner up is...

Vegard, aged 12 from Norway. He built a weather gauge to measure the wind speed using Lego and a micro:bit to count the number of turns of the sail and calculate the wind speed.

Vegard's invention


Second runner up is...

Sachin, aged 11 from the United Kingdom, who built a compass with lights and a buzzer so Santa knows when he has changed direction. Sachin used the Kitronic Inventors kit to build his invention.

Sachin's invention


We will be publishing the three winning inventions on and we have asked the winners to come and meet the micro:bit team at the BETT show in London on 25-28 January 2017 to display their inventions, tell us about them and receive their prizes.

Well done everybody!

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