Love Meter

Learn how to use the device's input pins in this activity!

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  • Ages 8+
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This project uses the input pins on the micro:bit to control the output on the LED screen.

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4 steps

Step One

Let's build a LOVE METER machine. Place an on pin pressed block to run code when pin P0 is pressed.

input.onPinPressed(TouchPin.P0, function () {

Step Two

Using show number and pick random blocks, show a random number from 0 to 100 when pin P0 is pressed.

input.onPinPressed(TouchPin.P0, function () {
    basic.showNumber(Math.randomRange(0, 100))

Step Three

Show "LOVE METER" on the screen when the micro:bit starts.

basic.showString("LOVE METER")

Step Four

Click Download to transfer your code in your micro:bit. Hold the GND pin with other hand and press pin P0 with the other hand to trigger this code.


Try to add the following functionality:

  • Allow the students access to real world components to build up their own circuits using the input pins; a number of examples can be found here.

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The 'Smiley Buttons' activity uses the radio frequency block to send and receive data between two micro:bits.

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