Ross' micro:bit summer internship

Ross' Summer micro:bit Experience

By Ross Lowe (@rlowe0008), a 17-year old student from the UK, who has just finished a summer internship with the Micro:bit Foundation!

I've worked with the BBC micro:bit for a few years now, having contributed to the official documentation, worked at the original launch, and presented the device on the BBC One Show and Radio 4 Today Show. I've spoken to dozens of students and teachers throughout the history of the micro:bit, and it's been inspiring to follow the journey of the device over the years.

Before my summer holiday this year I was fortunate to be accepted for a Summer internship over my holiday, lasting 6 weeks, throughout which I was involved with a number of very passionate people on a few fantastic projects. I began my program by working on ‘backend’ features, fixing translations, and then later developed a ‘404’ page for when a page cannot be found - which, if we've done our job correctly, you shouldn't see! I then continued to work on content for the site, including posts for MakeCode and Python resources, new images for the site, and a number of other exciting pieces of content which will become live soon. It's been exceptionally rewarding to not only work with the Foundation, but also to create content for the site to be seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors!

Throughout my 6 weeks I've worked on more projects than I could list - but it's fantastic to be able to explore the micro:bit website and point at content I've created. I'm really proud of my work with the micro:bit so far.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to meet the brilliant team behind the Foundation. I met a number of great people from the Foundation at a meetup in Oxford, where we discussed my work and the future of the micro:bit over a massive steak dinner. Whilst the food was certainly a highlight, it was especially good to finally put a face to a name and meet the team carrying micro:bit forwards.

It can appear quite intimidating to work with a ‘Foundation’ - but I'm pleased to say that I've had the opportunity to look ‘behind the curtain’ to see that the micro:bit is being maintained by a number of passionate, creative, and motivated individuals, and I'm excited to see what happens next!

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