Announcing the winners of our 1st birthday challenge

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its latest Challenge!

The Challenge we set the micro:bit inventors out there was to use a micro:bit to help the Foundation to celebrate our first Birthday. As always, you responded with an amazing set of ideas and devices and it was an extremely hard job to choose the eventual prize winners. The Foundation’s Birthday party would be made extra special and memorable with any one of your inventions!

We couldn’t decide on one winner so we're going to award three prizes and we have several people more than worthy of an honourable 'WOW' mention for their wonderful ideas and inventiveness.

Drum roll please, as we announce the winners...

The prize for the best idea

Lorraine, for her RGB box which demonstrates how different colours can be made using red, green and blue lights. A brilliantly simple idea for teaching the concept of RGB, great instructions and fun to play with too!

The prize for best working device

Avye made a Birthday bot using both JavaScript and Python. Displaying wonderful hardware making skills, with expert presentation from this brilliant young lady!

The prize for the best instructions

Raffles Girls Primary School for their Intelligent micro:bit. The girls behind this societal solution from Singapore documented the whole invention process from problem identification to brainstorming and designing the solution. Very cool idea and implementation too!

Honorable "wow" mentions go to...

Although these didn’t win the overall categories, they wowed the judges and deserve a mention for just being cool!

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