The CodeSpace platform for micro:bit is now available!

Firia Labs’ CodeSpace™ web platform has now launched, it’s an innovative development and learning environment for coding with maker hardware. Aimed at schools, STEM programs, MakerSpaces, and individuals seeking better tools for text-based coding, CodeSpace offers a major advance in ease-of-use while leveraging powerful features normally found only in professional software development tools.

The web-based product integrates a software development environment with a self-paced step-by-step curriculum that teaches coding in the python programming language through a progression of projects using the micro:bit.

CodeSpace’s free platform gives all micro:bit users a powerful new tool for text-based coding. Current micro:bit users can simply login at, and immediately start learning python as they explore new projects. Advanced features and more advanced coding curriculum can be enabled by upgrading to the full version of CodeSpace.

“For the past 3 months we have been conducting an extensive Beta program with many classrooms across the US.” said Geri Ewing, CEO of Firia Labs. “It has been amazing to watch teachers with no prior coding experience become quickly confident and successful in guiding students through the curriculum.

We’re excited about where we can take the technology next, but even here at the outset, I think with CodeSpace and the micro:bit we’ve created the best maker-coding experience on the market today.”

The CodeSpace Free platform:

  • Contains step-by-step interactive lessons, introducing the micro:bit and guiding you through basic python coding. No prior coding background needed!
  • Provides an interactive text-based coding experience, with immediate feedback and helpful guidance on coding errors.
  • Requires no software installation, just the Chrome web browser. No drivers or software to install, and even runs great on Chromebooks.
  • Integrates with Google Drive, so all the code you write is saved to your Google account.
  • Eliminates the need to drag-and-drop HEX files. Edit and run code quickly, right from the web browser.

There are also a number of additional features available in the CodeSpace full version (such as an Interactive Coding Curriculum and Innovative step-by-step debugging). Firia Labs also offers complete coding kits, including the JumpStart Kit (classroom pack for 10 students) and the Explorer Kit (individual kit for 1-2 student use). All products are available at

Discover more about the CodeSpace platform in this news article, or get started at

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