The micro:bit gets ready to take Denmark by storm!

Danish Year 4 students will have something to smile about when they begin the new academic year this summer: DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, is launching a programme that will see 65,000 micro:bits distributed to schools throughout the land.

Supplied with support from the Danish Industry Foundation, Industriens Fond, in collaboration with the country’s Centre for Learning Materials, CFU Denmark, the micro:bits will be used to develop the students’ understanding of technology and stimulate their digital creativity.

The initiative is part of a three-year programme known as Ultra:bit, which aims to transform students from passive technology consumers to digital pioneers. With an overarching theme of ‘Children, Creativity and Technology’, the programme includes a broad variety of TV productions targeting children, as well as teacher training, classroom resources, a series of roadshows and even a children’s drama based around the micro:bit!

“This generation of children were practically born with a smartphone in their hands,” say DR’s Media Director, Henriette Marienlund, “but we need our children to be more than just technology users – we need them to be active participants in tomorrow’s technologies.

“This project will help them use their imagination, curiosity and creativity to develop their skills and meet the digital world head on.”

The project is supported by a number of other organisations, including the BBC, the Micro:bit Foundation, IT and Learning Board, Engineer the Future, Coding Pirates, DigiPippi, BUPL and Danish School Students.

You can learn more about this impressive project by reading this announcement on the DR website.

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