100,000 children will learn with micro:bit in Norway

"Many kids are big consumers of technology. micro:bit will let them be creative with programming and technology."
- Jon Haavie of Teknisk Museum (one of the initiators of the project)

100,000 children aged 10-12 will be provided with access to micro:bits as part of a national initiative in Norway. The project – funded by DNB Savings Bank Foundation – involves more than 2000 schools, 10 science centres and 160 coding clubs (Lær Kidsa Koding). The micro:bit program will start in Autumn 2019 and run for three years.

"One of the strengths of this project is in linking formal and informal education."
- Torgeir Waterhouse of Lær Kidsa Koding

The project includes educational programs in schools, teacher training, and training materials connected to the new Norwegian school curriculum. micro:bits will be the schools’ tool for teaching programming as part of mathematics, natural science, music, and arts and crafts.

"This is a great nationally coordinated project. International evaluations have shown that micro:bit can have a large effect on young children's digital creativity and we are looking forward to following this project."
- Sissell Karlsen of DNB Savings Bank Foundation
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