Ready for a new global micro:bit challenge?

We are excited to announce that World’s Largest Lesson, Arm and The Micro:bit Educational Foundation have co created a brand new competition called the Global Challenge. It is going to be the biggest and most exciting micro:bit coding challenge so far!

The challenge will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. Maybe you have a great innovation which could make your school or community a safer place to be? Or you are passionate about health and wellbeing, with ideas about how to make our world a healthier place to live? Then this competition is for you !

We'll be updating this page regularly with news and updates including our local delivery partners for your community. The full details will be available last week in September 2018.

In the meantime, visit our Let's Code page to perfect your blocks, Python or Javascript coding skills because the unique part of this challenge is that you don't even need a micro:bit to take part!

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