Student Safety Advice

Please read our safety information and keep your experience safe and enjoyable.

Do not place any metal objects across the BBC micro:bit battery socket. Do not place any metal objects across the printed circuits as this can cause a short circuit. Do not leave your BBC micro:bit plugged into any device unsupervised. Do not use your BBC micro:bit in water or with wet hands. Please avoid handling the BBC micro:bit circuit board while plugged into a power supply. Please handle your BBC micro:bit by its edges. All leads and accessories used with your BBC micro:bit should meet the relevant standards and be marked to show this. Connecting your BBC micro:bit to anything unapproved could damage it. Please do not leave your BBC micro:bit within reach of children under 8 years. Please operate your BBC micro:bit in a well ventilated room. Only connect your BBC micro:bit to a power supply rated at 3 volts. The maximum current safely supplied to an external circuit using the 3V edge connector is 100mA. Please do not store or use your BBC micro:bit in extremely hot or cold environments. Only use zinc-carbon or alkaline batteries and follow all of the battery safety tips.

Battery advice

  • Only use Zinc-Carbon or Alkaline batteries with your BBC micro:bit
  • To remove the battery pack pinch the connector with your fingers
  • Do not remove by pulling the wires
  • Please do not mix different types of batteries or mix new and used batteries
  • Please use batteries of the same or equivalent type as those recommended
  • Please insert batteries the correct way round
  • Please remove spent batteries from the battery holder
  • Do not place any metal objects across the terminals as this may short-circuit the battery supply
  • Do not try to charge normal (non-rechargeable) batteries
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