micro:bit Beta Testing Programme

Help us improve micro:bit by trying out new software!

Do you enjoy finding bugs and suggesting improvements? Then we and the entire micro:bit community need your help!

The Foundation is committed to producing the very best software and hardware that inspires every child. We can only do that by getting feedback on the things we're making.

If you take on the challenge and become a micro:bit tester, you'll have the power to shape the tools we make: fix things that don't work for you, improve the instructions and documentation, and suggest ideas we'd never even have thought of.

To get started as a tester, sign up to the mailing list by clicking the button below, and we'll start telling you about all the latest software before we release it to the rest of the world. Please note that the beta testing programme is only open to those 13 and over.

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By selecting 'Sign up' below you'll be directed to MailChimp, our email list service - here you will be asked a bunch of questions to join the testing program.

Our testing programmes

    micro:bit classroom

    Testing the beta version of micro:bit classroom.

      Python සංස්කාරකය

      Testing the beta version of the Python Editor.

      micro:bit classroom beta

      Get it Here

      micro:bit classroom is a new tool that helps educators easily manage students’ work when programming the BBC micro:bit. You can share a program, review students’ work live, download a class report of work completed, pause student work and save to resume for a later class.

      What we need to test:

      Head over to micro:bit classroom and have a go. We’re not providing specific instruction as we are looking for as much feedback on the user experience as possible at this stage.

      • Try using it from the perspective of an educator
      • Try using it from the perspective of a student
      • Try on a range of devices in a Google Chrome based browser
      • Try using both MakeCode and Python Editors in the tool

      Where do I report bugs?

      Please create a support ticket including as much information as possible about your system eg Operating System, Browser and the experience from the perspectives of educator and student.

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      Python Editor beta

      Get it Here

      The Python Editor beta contains a range of UX changes and features that are being made ready for release.

      What we need to test:

      Head to the Python Editor beta and click on Help to check the Editor Version contains a reference to beta eg '2.0.0-beta.3'. If this is not the case, you may need to refresh your browser cache. Some of these features will only work in a Chrome-based browser (Google Chrome, Edge Beta, Opera etc) as they rely on WebUSB.

      We would really appreciate feedback on the features available in the Beta Options menu.

      • Quick Flash, enabling the rapid updating of the micro:bit
      • Autocompletion

      Where do I report bugs?

      Please raise a support ticket including as much information as possible about your system and the issue.

      If you have a GitHub account, you can report issues directly on the source repository.

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      Previous Projects

      Thanks to the ongoing contributions from our beta testers, we've been able to release some amazing new things including MakeCode v1, MicroPython v1.0.0, Swift Playgrounds, the Windows 10 app and the Python Editor Version 2.

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